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      英 美 
      • n. 關鍵提示(keynote 的復數形式)

      keynotes 常用短語

      keynote speech會上發表的主要講話;政黨代表大會上關于施政方針的演說

      keynote addressn. 政治性集會中的政策演講

      keynotes 常用句子

      1.In short, despite CES's parade of CEO keynotes and bold-faced name guests, the man who did the most to shape the show was the one who wasn't there at all.


      2.In Brian 'keynotes, of course, as always, he claimed that nowadays everything is analog, and he also told the audience a joke.


      3.To be honest, his keynotes was quite technical, as he claimed during the keynotes from time to time, that he was an engineer.


      4.sometimes revisits and dissects the keynotes of others.


      5.In an audio CD about the book, Abdul-Jabbar keynotes the way it was for blacks in the 1930s.


      6.The event keynotes included executives from non-traditional communications providers, such as the CTO of online retailer Amazon and the CEO of Virgin Entertainment Group.


      7.Needless to say, SlideShare is an excellent way of spreading interesting reports, keynotes, and presentations, even with users who do not have the same office software installed on their computer.


      8.Despite keynotes by the likes of Ivar Jacobson, who noted how many agile principles were around long before XP emerged, it seemed to me that the community was making little headway.


      9.The credo of the conference is: "No talks. No keynotes.