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      英 美 
      • adj. [化學]過飽和的
      • v. 使過飽和(supersaturate 的過去分詞)

      supersaturated 常用句子

      1.The existing mathematic models for the release of the supersaturated TDG were validated by use of the prototype observations. Simultaneously, the formulas for the release coefficients were modified.


      2.Results show that the supersaturated solidification Cr-content increases in the rapidly quenched alloys induced the great increase of vacancy density and production of vacancy plates.


      3.The effect of TATMP on the growth rate of calcite crystals in supersaturated solutions is studied with seeded growth technique.


      4.During the process of KDP crystal growth, the stability of the supersaturated solution greatly influences the optical quality of KDP single crystals.

      在K DP晶體生長過程中,溶液的穩定性對KDP晶體的光學質量影響較大。

      5.The brief mechanisms of mechanical alloying are reviewed. The mechanisms of preparing amorphous, nanocrystalline and supersaturated solid solution materials are also reviewed.


      6.Rock sugar (Rock Candy) is white or brown big crystal sugar. It also grown as a result of cooling supersaturated a sugar solution which is traditional in South China.


      7.The materials with metastable structures, e. G., nanostructure and supersaturated solid solutions, have unique physic, chemical and mechanical properties, and get extensive application in many fields.


      8.This paper introduces an experimental Laval nozzle apparatus which is the first one of its kind developed in China and used to study the spontaneous condensation phenomena of the supersaturated steam.