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      英 [?k?l?s?θen?ks]美 [?k?l?s?θen?ks]
      • n. 運動;柔軟體操

      callisthenics 常用句子

      1.Results: it was found that callisthenics had effects in varying degrees on body composition, figure and cardiopulmonary function of girl students.


      2.Callisthenics can improve joint flexibility and muscle tone.


      3.Methods: Changes in body composition and figure and body constitution were studied before and after training among girl students who took part in callisthenics.


      4.The instruction of Callisthenics has its own characteristics and complexity, different from the instruction in other areas of p.


      5.Conclusion C3 or C4 quantities of university female students' sera, who took part in appropriate callisthenics exercise, were increased. And complement synthesis were enhanced in the students.

      結論堅持運動量適中的有氧運動,能提高女大學生血清中c 3與C4含量,增強機體合成補體的能力。

      6.The assorted dish salad of vegetables salad of rural area, many kinds of fresh vegetables add the salad, it is the best choice that a piece of callisthenics reduces weight.


      7.But today she participates eagerly in a physical education (PE) programme that emphasizes lifelong fitness and cooperation instead of endless callisthenics and cutthroat competition.


      8.It is an in neglected question for every trainer to strengthen the dance training of callisthenics athletes.


      9.Athletes walked into the field in orderly arrays. After the opening address was delivered, the athletes withdrew. Then there was a performance of group callisthenics.